Main Concepts and Applications

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Cardiovascular mechanics
  • Cardiac and vascular imaging
  • Devices and instrumentation
  • Systemic and microvascular hemodynamics monitoring and measurements
  • Novel therapeutic interventions to manage and prevent disease
  • Artificial blood, gas carriers
  • Plasma expanders
  • Drug delivery
  • Computer modeling and systems analysis
  • Diagnostic methods
  • Noninvasive instrumentation
  • Microvascular regulatory mechanism
  • Hemoglobin-based blood substitutes
  • Tissue oxygenation and oxygen regulation
  • Plasma expanders
  • Coagulation cascade
  • Intravital microscopy
  • Experimental model design for microvascular studies
  • Nitric oxide regulation and gas transport
  • Malaria and Tropical Deceases
  • Erythrocyte Biophysics

Ongoing Projects

  • Design and formulate plasma expanders that maximize local shear stress without increasing vascular resistance.
  • What are the structures involved in the mechano-transduction signal by the endothelium?
  • Transport of biological gases and their ability to regulate or affect cardiovascular function and cellular metabolism.
  • Platforms to transport and delivery of NO, CO, H2S.
  • To design novel therapeutic interventions to treat, manage and ultimately prevent disease using an integrative analysis of physical and chemical phenomena, based on engineering science principles and methods.
  • Sustain a perfused microvasculature to maximize the available oxygen carrying capacity.
  • Nitric Oxide (NO) supplementation for transfusion medicine.
  • Vascular glycocalyx.
  • Blood transfusion.
  • Oxygen carriers based on hemoglobin.
  • Nitric oxide (NO) regulation, and role of nitrite (NO2-).